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Frozen : Ironically Melts Your Heart




Okay, so yeah, I’m gonna review this movie as you may know from the title. Let me start with how I will review this movie. First of all, I’m not gonna be very fair because I have a weird and strong attraction towards young animated Disney princesses. Yes, you heard it; I don’t know whats the cause of this, maybe because they are just too perfect to be real and I am a desperate man.¬†Well onto the *non spoiler* review


The whole movie (I think) is derived from the fairy tale created by Hans Christian Anderson, which is entitled Kai and the Snow Queen. Basically in short (in his version), the Snow Queen is evil and was cursed with these trolls and stuff. But in this Disney princess version, they decided to make a bold exciting tweak to this story.

“What if she was just misunderstood?” And yes, that’s what happened. What I like about how she was misunderstood was we really think that she’s not evil, we’re kind of on her side; but we also notice how she herself think she is acting a bit ‘unpleasant’, in a way, and she has this self-aware look on her face that I’ve noticed. That’s one of the best parts of Disney animation, which they show very amazing expressions on the characters and make them feel real and alive. As the story continues, we feel more and more depth on the world and character that this world is in. Meeting new characters in the middle of the journey; either love interest, comic relief, or potential douchebags. As we go in the journey, we don’t forget about the singing. Ah yes, the singing parts. Such a classic tradition on Disney movies. This movie had pretty solid musics throughout, but not as good as the music in tangled (based on personal taste).

The Disney kiss (Tangled).
The Disney kiss (Tangled).

The romance in this movie is pretty simple to guess; it’s not as good as Tangled’s, but I still bought it. It wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a prince and a princess, am I right? The comedy on this movie is pretty funny, and again based on personal taste. We know that this movie takes place in the kingdom-ish era; we know its not modern, but how the characters are portrayed were very up-to-date with us today, and how they speak is a great appeal to me; makes them way more relatable, and comic, at the same time.

“Some people are worth melting for.”