Upcoming 2014: Edge of Tomorrow

Live. Die. Repeat. Familiar?
Live. Die. Repeat. Familiar?

So I am in the mood of new movies, and I found this. The first look of the poster did not impress me much (probably did not impress me at all) since these days this kind of movie poster is just mainstream (I mean, come on, you’ve got to know movies with sci-fi, war, and Tom Cruise in their posters. Well, maybe one or two. Okay fine, with Tom Cruise omitted, then). So really, at first I was let down by the first look, yet the tagline was too catchy for me to give it up. So I give the trailer a shot, and personally I think you should too.

It was worth my time.

So yes, my mind has changed, and short to say I am all jittery waiting for this movie. It better  be good, because if it ain’t, well, let’s just say that when a disappointing result meets a high expectation, crap happens.

In a glance, this movie reminded me of Source Code, MOHA (Medal of Honor Airborne, because of that first scene where the soldiers dropped from the plane), and something that comes from Halo (even though I did not play Halo, still, the soldiers looked familiar to me). With the existence of Tom Cruise in this movie, it only reminded me of one recent movie: Oblivion. Simply, I gave Oblivion a 3.5/5 for it’s shallow plot, though I gave an extra half credit out of pity and for their good screenplay.

So what do you think? Will it be better than Oblivion or not? Will it be a great movie to watch with your geeky girlfriend (or, if you’re a girl, boyfriend)? Will Emily Blunt give a notable effect on the movie (I am kind of curious about that)? Comments below folks,  tell me what you think. Until then!


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